So we’ve talked and talked about the thinking behind what we want to do and how we got here. We’ve started to get our base here sorted with a view to spending more time away. But now it’s time to really do something towards that first big trip. Make some decisions and start planning and making it real. Still haven’t figured out what to call it. Not really a long holiday, not going to travel around, not planning to just work. Looking for something like a cultural change, to continue our lives but somewhere else temporarily. We want to stay in the same place for a while, get to know it, make some friends. The plan is to go next summer. But where? And how?

So first the where. I think we want to stay in Europe. Maybe explore somewhere we’ve been before but in more depth. Places that spring to mind are South-East France, around Grenoble/Chambery. Beautiful countryside, near the mountains, maybe better for winter. So how about Germany – we love the Black Forest. What about Baden Baden? A bit luxurious and too distracting. We’d never get any work done, we’d be in the spa all the time….So Switzerland. Luzern. The best of everything. Mountains, lake, gorgeous city. A definite contender. Italy. Where? Bologne – only went there for a day, would love to see more. Austria – somewhere in the Tirol. Ok, so we love the mountains!

How? Well we’re thinking of a house swap. Would anyone want to swap with our house in Somerset I wonder? Could we rent our place out for the summer and rent somewhere away? House sitting? My to do list for the next few weeks:

  • Look into the house swap idea
  • Look into house-sitting
  • See how much it costs to rent a small apartment in any of those places for the whole summer
  • Research the possibility of renting our house for the summer

Right, off to sort some stuff for a car boot sale. Seriously, no-one will want to swap for our house at the moment.

Any ideas? Anyone house swapped or house-sat? With kids?