Sometimes on this road to simple living it feels as if we never stop analysing and criticising ourselves. It’s not quite there yet, not perfect, still so much to do. Our lives are still cluttered, and it seems they always will be. There’s so much to read that suggests there’s an end goal “I achieved simplicity perfection, and you can too!”. But what is the end goal? When will things be finished? Will an air of contentment suddenly settle over us?

So I decided to stop for a minute and remind myself that everything is alright. Really, it is. So I haven’t quite uncluttered the bathroom cabinet yet, my wardrobe still has clothes in it I never wear, that book I started months ago is still unfinished and (gasp) I watch tv. So? Give me a break! It’s alright. It doesn’t need to be perfect. It probably never will be. But enough is changing and happening and everyone is healthy and happy (well, most of the time).

I, for one, am going to stop feeling like I’m failing because nothing has reached completion. In fact, there’s a nagging impatience that comes with those feelings and it can interfere with getting on with life. The perfection we’re seeking sometimes feels so overwhelming we’re defeated before we even begin. It’s how I feel when I’m presented with an enormous plate of dinner. So if you’re not in that perfect place either then maybe just relax and enjoy the journey, you’re doing alright.

  • Hansolav

    This is true. Only lately have I understood that I will never “arrive”. It’s a constant process, and you have to figure out how to enjoy the process itself, and make much of the little victories along the way. Many of these minimalism blogs are very boasty, and I think they set people up for failure. Part of minimalism and simple living for me is about stepping back from the rat race, not switching out one race for another.

    I like your blog because you write well about minimalism, but you don’t pretend to know everything. Thank you for that.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Hansolav. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. So well said about never “arriving”. Oh, and I really don’t know everything. It’s no pretence 🙂