Plaster Casts

Last week we went on holiday without our mum and dad to Cornwall! We stayed with our Grandma and Grandad. It was very exciting. While we were there Grandad got some clay so we could do some plaster casting. Here’s what we did:

First we found all sorts of interesting things in the house and in the garden. Here’s what we found:

The interesting things we gathered

Next we rolled out some clay into tiles and then started making prints and marks into the clay with the things we’d found. It was exciting seeing the patterns the different things made.

Making marks in the clay

When we’d finished our pattern making we made a little clay wall round the tiles and then Grandad mixed up some plaster.

Grandad mixing the plaster

When the plaster was ready we poured it into the clay tiles and we tapped the table to make sure there weren’t any air bubbles trapped in it. We had to wait a while for the plaster to dry and go hard. We tried blowing on it to hurry it up!

Drying the plaster

When the plaster was hard we pulled the clay off. Look what we made! The plaster casts had all the little details of the things we’d found. We’re going to try and do this again with different things to see what kinds of casts they make.

The finished casts

  • Grandma and Grandad

    You made some lovely little clay models as well. A friend of ours will put them in her kiln when she has a space. Meanwhile, you can colour the plaster casts if you like, we’ll bring them up to Taunton soon. It was fun doing the clay and plaster work wasn’t it? Love from Grandma and Grandad xxx