Learn Nothing Day

We love the idea of Learn Nothing Day. It’s an idea from Sandra Dodd and happens every year on July 24th. This is our first time joining in.

We talked about how we could learn nothing yesterday and had lots of ideas. We thought if we stayed in bed and didn’t talk to each other or read any books we might be ok. When we got up this morning though it was harder than we thought and after about 10 minutes we had already accidentally learned something. Pretty soon we just learned things again and again and after a while we realised we were going to fail miserably at Learn Nothing Day.

Anyway, we kept a list of the obvious stuff we learned. Here it is:

  • We talked about Outsider Art because a new exhibition has just opened at our local museum and we’re going to see it tomorrow. We learned that Outsider Art is by people who haven’t learned how to be an artist by going to art school.
  • We found out where the biggest flower in the world comes from. It’s called the Rafflesia and comes from the rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra. We talked a bit about rainforests and looked at some films of the Amazon. We noticed that monkeys can scratch themselves really fast and we can’t! We talked about how much the rainforest is being destroyed and decided when we’re older we’d like to go there and help look after it.
  • Frieda found an old box and decided to make a car for her toy dog. She had to design the wheels and found out what an axle is. Her axle wasn’t very strong and the car was a bit wobbly so tomorrow she’s going to try and make a stronger one.
  • Olive learned how to spell Toca Boca. They make a hairdressing game on mummy’s phone that we really like.
  • We were sorting out some books as part of a big clear up in the house and found some old word puzzle books so we spent some time doing word puzzles.
  • We had lunch in the garden and found an amazing, hairy caterpillar on our trampoline. We asked people on Twitter if they knew what it was and a friend said it was the caterpillar of a moth called a Vaporer moth. We didn’t touch it because we found out that the hairs can make your skin sore.
  • While we were looking for information about the caterpillar we found out that green flies are also called aphids.
  • Daddy came home and told us that some people who like to study dolphins had found out that they have names just like humans! We wondered if dolphins gossip about each other.
  • Olive was thinking about Mount Everest and mummy helped her to look at a book about the first people to climb to the top. They were called Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Olive wants to climb Everest one day. We learned that on maps there are lines called contour lines which show you how steep a hill or mountain is.

These are just the things we wrote down when we remembered we weren’t supposed to be learning anything. We stopped writing things down when we had dinner. We decided we probably learn this much every day without really realising it which is pretty amazing, or maybe even more because today we didn’t even go out!

  • Kendall

    Today we learned that 2.5 cubic metres of firewood logs is very heavy. We tried hard not to learn this. We like the idea of learning nothing but it’s very hard to do. How do you know when you haven’t learned something when you haven’t learned it?