I like running. This morning I decided to start running without music or bothering to track my progress with an app. Just go running. It was raining. I like running in the rain too.

I hate swimming. I like going to the pool with the children and splashing about, but religiously visiting the pool every morning and getting some lengths in is definitely not for me. I’m not that keen on cycling either. It’s a great form of transport but when it comes to fitness there are many many things I’d rather do.

So, as I was out running this morning, in the rain, I couldn’t help thinking how pointless it was to commit to things that weren’t enjoyable, just for the sake of fitness, health or longevity. What’s the point of eating things we don’t like, missing out on things we do like and exercising for need when it just buys us time to do more of the same?

In other words, why reluctantly dedicate years of our lives to adding miserable years to our lives? Living well is better than living long.