As we prepare for a major life change, my children are reminding me how much impact change has on them. Understandably they’re nervous. Leaving things behind, exploring new places; it can be difficult.

But the change itself and their reaction to it have a lot to teach about parenting. On the simplest level it reminds me that all we’re doing as parents is exposing our children to the world, and helping them to make sense of it.

On one hand we want to broaden our children’s experience of life and provide as many new opportunities as possible. On the other hand we need to make sure that they feel secure. Not just safe, but confident; able to cope, make their own choices, think for themselves.

Simple concepts, major projects.

  • dave

    Nice to see you posting again as this was always one of my favourite blogs. Please elaborate on your plans for someone who doesn’t know you from Adam and lives on the other side of the world!