In the UK there’s been a recent interest in the start times of schools. Something like 100 schools are currently experimenting with 10am start times for children in their teens. It seems sensible, given the evidence. As children get older they find it a bit more difficult to get up early, for one reason or another.

It doesn’t seem like a controversial experiment or hypothesis. At least I didn’t think so until I heard some of the comments people were making. One objection seems to be that we’re wrapping our children in cotton wool. After all, they have to start early when they get a job so they should “toughen up” for it now. Disregard for the science aside, this seems like an odd idea. It’s like saying, “life sucks, let’s prepare kids for that”.

This idea of toughening up our children for the harsh realities of life is indicative of a perfect, vicious cycle. After all, it’s people that make up that harsh world we’re talking about. Perhaps those other people were similarly toughened up. Perhaps, like the commenter, they’re thinking, “I had to suffer, so should everyone else”. Perhaps, in fact, the “real world” is just a load of toughened-up kids.