Photography at Colonia Güell

We wanted to learn about photography so we took the SLR camera to Colonia Güell.

We used a tripod to keep the camera steady while we took pictures of the surrounding buildings and countryside.


Once we’d got used to the camera and tripod we learned about how to have more control over the photos. We took pictures in Manual Mode which meant that we needed to set the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

The Aperture setting opens and closes the inside of the lens to let more or less light in; the Shutter Speed makes the camera take pictures quickly or slowly; and the ISO sets the “film speed”, which is a bit more complicated.

By changing the settings we were able to get pictures almost how we wanted them.


We took pictures around the outside of “Gaudí’s Crypt”, which is all that was built of a beautiful church in the Colonia.

Like with lots of Gaudí buildings there are lovely tiles all over it.


We went inside the Crypt to see what we could take pictures of. It’s much harder to take photos in dark places because we have to slow down the Shutter Speed and this can make things go blurry. We tried to use the tripod to make it easier but we got told off!


We had to be creative to get good photos inside. One thing we like doing is to move the camera while we’re taking pictures, especially when there are stained glass windows.


When we got home we learned how to use the computer to make the pictures better. We were able to lighten some of the really dark photos from indoors and add more colour.


It’s great to be able to fix things with the computer but it’s most important to take good photos to start with. We can’t wait to do it again.