Minimalism is a conscious attempt to reduce the cognitive load of the world around us. By reducing our stock of the unnecessary we can get to a point where the things we own add to our lives rather than drain them away.  Anything that demands our attention reduces our ability to think about other things, and yet it’s all too …



Evolution is a constant process of adapting to our surroundings, but as human beings we have more control over those surroundings than any other animal. So, as this blog evolves from one thing to the next it’s good to reflect on the two-way relationship we have with everything around us. The places we live, the people we spend time with, …



Today is our last day living in the UK (for now). Over the past few years we’ve downsized pretty much everything to the point where we’re getting on a plane with just 80kg of luggage. It’s not quite everything we own; some of our possessions are up in family lofts and we might have to come and get something if …


In the UK there’s been a recent interest in the start times of schools. Something like 100 schools are currently experimenting with 10am start times for children in their teens. It seems sensible, given the evidence. As children get older they find it a bit more difficult to get up early, for one reason or another.



As we prepare for a major life change, my children are reminding me how much impact change has on them. Understandably they’re nervous. Leaving things behind, exploring new places; it can be difficult.