Eliminating excess stuff from our lives has had far-reaching consequences. As you start to get down to the more important possessions – the things that you question getting rid of – you begin to really think more about what you do rather than what you own.



If my friends of 20 years ago knew that I run 5k about three times a week they would pass out. I’m not saying I used to be completely unfit or overweight (in fact I was teased mercilessly for being too thin, unthinkable these days…) but my avoidance of any type of physical education at school was legendary. There was …



There was a television programme on recently that followed a group of schoolchildren as they took part in a project to learn all about fireworks. Clearly this is an interesting subject for most children but what was fascinating was the fact that they used this single project to learn about a whole range of, what we traditionally call, “disciplines” – …



I recently took a trip to London. Partly a work thing and partly a decision to spend a bit of time on my own and with my sister. Two nights away on my own. It was the longest I had ever been away from my children! I think I was more anxious than they were but I had to leave …


We always struggled to work from home in London because our flat was so very small that there wasn’t room for a dining table let alone a desk! (In fact my only criteria for our new place was that we could eat at a table). We had to have an office in London but we always felt that it would …