It seems that there’s one type of possession that regularly escapes the de-cluttering – books. They’re seen as more than just possessions – they’re educational, cultural, spritual, essential. But are they essential? Are there real reasons to keep books or is it just that the idea of getting rid of them is almost taboo?


I’ve experienced many steep learning curves over the years. The biggest of course was becoming a parent! There’s no shock to the system greater than bringing home your first child. Those nine months leading up to the big day don’t prepare you in the slightest. Actually, even bringing home your second child is pretty mind-bending.



Choosing a first school for your child is hard and in the UK it’s verging on a lottery. You put down three choices and then wait to get an allocation, based on a whole raft of mysterious criteria. The temptation is to choose the nearest one that’s half decent and that you’ve got a really good chance of getting into …


So we’ve talked and talked about the thinking behind what we want to do and how we got here. We’ve started to get our base here sorted with a view to spending more time away. But now it’s time to really do something towards that first big trip. Make some decisions and start planning and making it real. Still haven’t …



I imagine that all middle-class lifestyle choices are subject to scrutiny, looked upon with a degree of cynicism. For educated, relatively wealthy people the ability to choose how they live is one of life’s privileges. For that choice to be a deliberate move to shun commercialism and excess in a world which works hard to provide those very things can …