This week I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to finish things. When everything is trying to get us to start, embrace the new, what enables us to see something through to the end? A couple of days ago I met someone who was obsessed with Japanese lacquers, particularly Urushi, the sap of a toxic tree that has …


Some time ago Simon wrote a post about guilt. It’s here if you haven’t read it. In it he talked about the guilt we feel at getting rid of stuff that has supposed sentimental value. In that case it was photographs. In my case it’s letters.


I like running. This morning I decided to start running without music or bothering to track my progress with an app. Just go running. It was raining. I like running in the rain too.



I was recently lucky enough to be able to revisit a foreign city I’d been to once before. The first time I went I didn’t really like it as much as I’d expected to. I had a good time but it didn’t really click for me.



The main reason we started our Minimal List blog a few years ago was to help us think through what really mattered to us and at the time there was a lot of energy around “location independence” (there still is). Much of this came from young, single people (with the odd young family) and seemed such a simple approach; more …